About US

Blockchain is a once in a lifetime game changing technology and we hope to be at the forefront of it. For those that didn’t live through or remember this early days of the internet, well you are getting your chance now with the development of the Blockchain technology. Our Mission is to help educate and inform the public about ICOs and companies and startups that are rising capital.

About ICOAxiom.com

ICOAxiom is a ICO Data Analytics, Research and Review company. We review individual ICO Companies and provide a rating and detailed review for the ICO. We also provide data analytics for the entire ICO market. In addition to covering Initial Coin Offers, we also list and provide details on Crypto Airdrops.


ICOAxiom was founded by Henry Stanley. Henry Stanley is a successful serial entrepreneur. Our team consists of members with backgrounds in cryptocurrency technology, marketing, finance and startups. We are in a unique position to be able to review and understand the companies that our rising capital.

Our Process

We created a proprietary multiply point system for evaluating companies that are looking capital. While we don’t suggestions or recommendations for investing in any specific ICO, we do highlight the positions and negatives/concerns of each venture. As a result aim to have everyone become more informed and educated regarding prospective ICOs.