An Crypto airdrop is a way for companies to distribute a certain percentage of their coins to the community. Listed below are the latest Crypto Airdrops that are being distributed.

What is an Airdrop?

A crypto airdrop is a free distribution of a companies cryptocurrency or tokens. Companies offer these airdrops as a way to build a community, engage with users, reward their customers, build a brand and following among some of the reasons companies have airdrops. In order to participate in an airdrop you will have to complete a form on the companies web site. Some companies also require that you complete additional task in order to qualify for their airdrop. This is often referred to as a bounty airdrop and are the most common type of crypto airdrops being currently held.

The tasks will very, but often involving following the company on Twitter and Facebook. Liking and retweeting their post and join their telegram channel. Some may also offer a bonus for referring users to the airdrop as well. These are the types of airdrops listed above. There is another type of airdrop which is a forked Airdrop.

What is a Forked Airdrop?

A forked airdrop is when a blockchain is forked into two blockchains and original holders of the cryptocurrency on the first blockchain receive an airdrop of the new cryptocurrencies. One of the most famous types of forked airdrop is bitcoin cash. When the bitcoin blockchain forked, the split off blockchain was called Bitcoin Cash. Anyone holding bitcoins received an airdrop of bitcoin cash.